Grand Old Party for a Brand New Generation

President Barack Obama won 5 million more votes than Gov. Mitt Romney among voters under the age of 30 in the 2012 election. Despite Romney holding a 2 million-vote advantage over the President among voters aged 30 and older, Obama’s significant lead with the youth vote was enough to ensure his re-­election. While it is true that the Democratic Party is on a recent winning streak with the youth vote, this was not always the case. Young voters have broken for the Republican Party in the past, and not just in midterm elections.

We believe that Republicans can win young voters but that it will require a significantly different approach than has been used in recent elections. In this report, we propose what such an approach would entail and offer research-based insights that can guide Republicans wishing to find success with a new generation. Sign up now to receive the report via email.

Making in-roads with young voters is both possible and essential, and must begin today.

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