Obama "Sometimes Forgets" The Recesion – It Shows…

The media is doing their best to set up a stark contrast between the two presidential candidates. One, is being shown as the down-to-earth, even cool, candidate who understands the struggles of the everyman and does his best, despite numerous challenges, to help alleviate them. The other, is being portrayed as an elitist, who made his living destroying jobs and can’t get through a day without saying something that makes your Average Joe’s mouth drop in “I-can’t-believe-you-could-be-that-out-of-touch” amazement.

The former of course is the liberal media’s beloved Obama (did you know he slow jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon!?!) the latter is Mitt Romney (did you know he’s super, super rich?).

But the story is largely fabricated; a well crafted attempt by Obama’s campaign team (with an admitted helping hand from some Romney gaffes) to create a contrast between two rich, successful, Harvard-educated men.

And it’s not as if Obama hasn’t shown some moments of being out of touch. Indeed, his entire presidency has been one shining, yet somehow overlooked, example of being out of touch with the suffering of normal Americans. But, Obama’s comment on Friday may take the cake.

“It was a house of cards and it collapsed in the most destructive, worst crisis that we’ve experienced since the Great Depression. And sometimes people forget the magnitude of it,” Obama said at a fundraiser in Washington State today. “You know, you saw some of that in the video that was show. Sometimes I forget.”

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to point out to me these lucky Americans who “sometimes forget” the recession. In one way or another, whether you lost your job, a family member lost theirs, your neighbor had to sweat through a downsizing, or you couldn’t sell your house, you’ve felt the impact of the recession and the non-existent Obama recovery. And it’s unlikely that you’ve forgot.

That said, it’s clear that Obama has often failed to remember. He’s consistently promised either a “pivot” to jobs or sworn that he’s going to get “laser focused” on “jobs, jobs, jobs.” But he’s never gotten around to it. Instead, he’s blithely carried on, working towards priorities that have little or nothing to do with job creation or economic revival.

In fact, many of his policies have had just the opposite effect. Obamacare and Dodd-Frank didn’t create jobs, they killed them. With enough red tape to strangle any entrepreneur and a regulatory burden that would weigh down even the best small companies, the economy continues to stall. Obama has also continued to pile up an enormous debt – soaking up capital that should be used for the private sector and worrying businesses with the need for higher taxes. Oh and those tax hikes, don’t even get us started on the real threats Obama has made about raising capital gains rates (which would discincentivize investment) and hiking marginal rates (which many small business owners pay).

In other words, when Obama isn’t forgetting about the recovery he’s actively attacking it in the name of pursuing his agenda. And when he’s not doing that, he’s out on some ridiculous vacation to hob-now with the nation’s elite in Martha’s Vineyard or cozying up in a private villa on the white sands of Hawaii.

This is not an everyman. This is not someone who has been cut by the economic collapse and continues to stare down at a scar that just won’t heal. So yes, “sometimes he forgets.”

He forgets about the recession. But he also forgets about creating jobs, about changing the culture of Washington, about his promise to reduce the deficit, and about young adults who continue to struggle.

But in November America would be wise not to forget Obama and his thee-and-a-half years of forgetfulness.