Hillary Clinton Should Step Aside in Light of New Email Issues

“Truth is stranger than fiction,” novelist Mark Twain once wrote, “but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibility, truth isn’t.”

Quite frankly, this election shouldn’t be possible. Sure, it would have been difficult to predict that a crazily-coifed real-estate mogul with no political experience could be elected president. But it would have been impossible to foresee a career politician who has been under under investigation by the FBI, not once, but twice for mishandling classified information a frontrunner for the White House.

This is type of storyline that House of Cards screenwriters would look at and say, “Nah, too improbable.”

After all, here we are, just days before an election and there is an honest-to-goodness chance that Hillary Clinton, who has been tied to pay-to-play schemes with questionable foreign regimes, who has narrowly avoided being indicted by the FBI for using a rogue email server to conduct official business, and who has either lied or refused to tell the truth about either of those situations, could be our next president.

And yet somehow, somehow things have gotten even stranger.

On Friday, FBI Director James B. Comey sent a letter to Congress letting them know that the FBI had discovered new emails that were pertinent to the previously closed investigation into Clinton’s email server.

In and of itself, the revelation was shocking. After all, it comes less than two weeks before the presidential election, which could speak to the seriousness of what the FBI found.

“The FBI’s decision to reopen their criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret email server just 11 days before the election shows how serious this discovery must be,” Republican committee chairman, Reince Preibus said. “This stunning development raises serious questions about what records may not have been turned over and why, and whether they show intent to violate the law.”

One potential finding could be proof that Clinton knowingly sent classified information through inappropriate means. Previously, Comey found that Clinton was “extremely careless” in handling highly classified information, but “did not find evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws.”

But that revelation paled in comparison to the next twist, which came when it was revealed that the emails surfaced in an unrelated case, which turned out to be the FBI investigation into the illicit text messages that Anthony Weiner, sent to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. Weiner, is married to Huma Abedin, who has long served as a top aide to Hillary Clinton.

How on earth did we get to this point? How can a proud nation built by names like Washington, Lincoln and Reagan be utterly embarrassed by the Clinton family’s utter disregard for the rules and close association with a sexual deviant named Anthony Weiner. As the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass writes, this is a bridge too far, and the only way that it can be fixed is for Democrats to demand that Clinton step aside.

If ruling Democrats hold themselves to the high moral standards they impose on the people they govern, they would follow a simple process:

They would demand that Mrs. Clinton step down, immediately, and let her vice presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, stand in her place.

Democrats should say, honestly, that with a new criminal investigation going on into events around her home-brew email server from the time she was secretary of state, having Clinton anywhere near the White House is just not a good idea. …

If you take a step back from tribal politics, you’ll see that Mrs. Clinton has clearly disqualified herself from ever coming near classified information again.

As secretary of state she kept classified documents on the home-brew server in her basement, which is against the law. She lied about it to the American people. She couldn’t remember details dozens of times when questioned by the FBI. Her aides destroyed evidence by BleachBit and hammers. Her husband, Bill, met secretly on an airport tarmac with Attorney General Loretta Lynch for about a half-hour, and all they said they talked about was golf and the grandkids.

Will any of this amount to anything? It’s too early to tell. In fact, the likeliest scenario appears to be that any FBI conclusions will come well after Election Day, meaning that we could have a president-elect who is under a felony investigation. That shouldn’t happen. That can’t happen.

It’s time for Hillary Clinton to step aside. And if she refuses, which she surely will, it’s time for voters to put the Clintons behind them. That’s our only hope for a truth that doesn’t resemble fiction.