Hillary Clinton Mailer

Obamacare? Gone. Keystone? Approved. Economy? Humming. Budget? Balanced.
That is a small taste of what Mitt Romney could have delivered if just a few more young adults would have broken up with Obama and voted Republican in 2012. The fact is that if Romney had won just 45 percent of the youth vote in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida, he would have won the election. (Alternative: The fact is that President Obama won 5 million more votes than Romney among young voters, enough to wipe out Romney’s 2 million vote advantage among other age groups.) That’s not some insurmountable generational advantage that will take decades to recover from. Instead, with your help, we can close the gap and win NEXT YEAR!

Hillary Clinton knows the statistics. She knows that winning young voters is the key to winning the White House. And she also knows that today’s youth are too young to remember her scandal-plagued history. That’s why Clinton is tapping her billionaire buddies and raking in millions in speaking fees to build a MASSIVE political organization on college campuses nationwide. Her campaign machine is already traveling the country to set up “Students for Hillary” organizations to enlist the most die-hard activists and plan for a recruitment blitz next fall.

But don’t be fooled! Hillary is vulnerable, especially among young adults who are desperate for a fresh candidate with new ideas, not a lifelong politician with tried-and-failed policy ideas.

With your help College Republicans will be there to counter Hillary’s tired rhetoric at every turn. You may know that we’re the oldest and largest Republican youth organization in the country, but more importantly we’re also the most innovative. We’re pioneering techniques across every media platform to find and reach the next generation of Republican activists and voters. We know better than anyone how and where to speak to young people in ways that resonate with them, after all, we’re young people ourselves!
But we need your help.

For your donation of $100, $50, $10, or even just $5, we can out-recruit, out-mobilize and out-strategize the Hillary Clinton campus machine. Time is of the essence. The Clinton campaign is using every day that goes by to their advantage and the supply of available advertising space is already dwindling.

So ACT TODAY to help us keep Hillary out of the White House. That small donation could make a BIG DIFFERENCE for the future of our party and the outlook for our nation.