Doh! Obama's Hand-Picked Jobs Council Recommends Republican Approach to Job Creation

Today President Obama’s jobs council released their recommendations, and well, you’ll have to forgive us as we say “WE TOLD YOU SO.”

USA Today reports:

“President Obama lauded the latest report from his jobs council Tuesday, even though many of its proposals sounded like the work of Republicans.

The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness proposed cutting the corporate tax rate, boosting domestic energy production and reducing government regulations that hinder business.”

That’s right, a panel of business leaders, hand picked by President Obama, and told to come up with a plan to create jobs, laid out a plan that reads like the CliffsNotes of the Republican jobs plan.

In my head I imagine President Obama’s morning went something like this:

"Remind me again why I picked THESE guys to serve on the council?"

Jack Lew: “Well sir, we got the jobs council’s recommendations back.”

Obama: “Great news. The State of the Union’s coming up and my boys were having a damned near impossible time trying to figure out what else we could talk about this year and have people still believe us. Surely there’s something in there we can use and if nothing else I’ll have a cover for some more “investment” spending. You get what I’m saying? Up top Lew!

Lew: “Yea, I’m not sure this is the time for one of those, what do the kids call it, high fives. It looks like the council pretty much just photocopied the Republicans plan and sent it back.”

Obama: “Dammit. Again! What is this, Erskine-Bowles all over again? Don’t these councils understand that I’m picking them so they can throw me a bone here. Alright what’s our strategy?”

Lew: “Ignore it?”

Obama: “No. We’ve gone to that well one too many times.”

Lew: “Blame Republicans?”

Obama: “Ooh, I like where your heads at. Could be tricky though considering these were, ya know, their ideas.”

Lew: “How about a slight tweak then and we just call the ideas our own?

Obama: “That did work with the three percent withholding rule and those crowdfunding bills.”

Lew: “But are we really gonna pass these things? Doesn’t that kind of undercut this whole “big government progressivism” thing we have going?”

Obama: “Of course we’re not gonna pass em! You honestly think Harry’s gonna let anything through the Senate? He wouldn’t pass a bill to cover the whole state of Nevada in solar panels if Republicans proposed it. Oh and make a note…no more of these panels. It’s taking way too much time away from my campaign to come up with new ways to ignore them.

President Obama may be looking for ways to minimize their recommendations, but the job council’s work is further evidence that the Republican efforts to create jobs would work, if only Democrats would meet us at the bargaining table.

Indeed, bills addressing some of the council’s chief recommendations have already been passed out of the House and are awaiting action in the Dem-held Senate. For instance, the council calls on Congress to “lower the corporate income tax rate to internationally-competitive levels” – an idea found in the Jobs Through Growth Act which would cut the corporate rate to 25 percent and eliminate loopholes. The council recommends reconfiguring the regulatory process to allow the economy to grow – a notion at the core of the 16 regulatory reform bills passed by the House. Finally, the council urges adoption of an “all-in” energy strategy that takes advantage of America’s vast energy resources – something that Republicans have long called for.

So now that we’ve gotten the “we told you so” out of our system let’s get to work and actually pass some of these policies. But then again, we’ve been saying this for the last year.